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City Investment

    City investment is one of the main business section of CJI. The business segments include the CJI group's Jiangsu Province Urban Construction Investment Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Province Environmental Protection Co., Ltd., China Jiangsu International Real Estate Co., Ltd., China Jiangsu Xuzhou International Urban Development Co., Ltd. and the International Investment Co., Ltd.
    In recent years, the Group has actively built a business model with CJI characteristics, which has given full play to the provincial capital financing platform advantage. By means of the integration of the group's internal resources, CJI has formed a business chain to create connecting investment, financing, pre-consultation, survey and design, construction, operation and management of the whole thing. "Public-Private-Partnership" mode is adopted in the construction of major projects in urban construction and government-funded projects. Efforts are made to boost the growth in the investment, construction, operation and integration of the competitive advantage.          
    Jiangsu Province Urban and Rural Construction Investment Co., Ltd. is Jiangsu Old-building to Reform financing platform, innovative financing business model for the smooth progress of renewing the old resident houses. Until now, CDB to Jiangsu province total credit loan system funds ¥968 billion, has a total loan of 61.9 billion US Dollars. To assist the Bank of Jiangsu and other relevant departments to set up a ¥100 billion fund, which called Jiangsu bank Old-buildings to Reform, and to be the fund manager.
   Jiangsu Province Environmental Protection Industry Co., Ltd. is held by CJI. In June 2010,the company was organized and established by State- owned Assets

Supervision and Administration Commission, up to April 2011, formally put into operation. The company manages urban water (including water supply and drainage), construction and operation solid waste, gas processing, and ecological restoration of small water shed remediation. Dachang investment that was built by the company has been in normal operation for charge, Yangzhong water river pipeline project managed in Nanjing eight water works. At present, a total investment of more than ¥400 million in the Yangzi River, Yangzhong city comprehensive renovation project and the river water treatment plant project is being implemented.          
    China Jiangsu International Real Estate Co., Ltd. has Grade-A national real estate development qualification, won the Top 50 of 2014 annual comprehensive strength of the real estate development in Jiangsu province. Successfully developed a number of residential quarters such as Hongan Mansion, Zhongjiang Meihe Garden, Jingming Garden, Flour Factory Demolition, Yunlong Villa Group in Nanjing; Red Banner District New Century Garden in Anqing; Jindongmen Garden in Xinghua; Jinyang Garden in Huaian; Jade-Belt Families and Jinshan Garden in Yangzhou; Sansen Residential Quarters in Taizhou; Zhongjiang Perfect City in Yancheng . In construction of Zidong Garden in Nantong, Health Living Community in Taizhou; ShengShi Home in HaiAn ; Binjiang District in Dangtu, Demolition projects in Pukou. with a total construction floorage area of 3300000O. In recent years, CJI focus of the province to Old-buildings to Reform, new urbanization construction and other areas.

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