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International Labor service

International Labor service is one of the leading businesses of CJI. Over the past 30 years, CJI has totally dispatched nearly 200,000 various labors (including understudies) , in various fields such as spinning and garments-processing, construction and installation, industrial processing, tourism service etc. The Corporation, following the principles of í░complying with laws, keeping promises and standardized operationí▒ in business activities and holding itself highly responsible to both its clients and the labors, has been persistently strengthening the selection, training and management of the labors. As a result, it has been heading the whole province and listed in the leading group of the whole country in dispatching labors, and consequently won a lot of awards issued by China International Contractors Association, such as, "Model enterprise of foreign labor service cooperation "and" AAA grade credit enterprise for foreign labor service cooperation ".

1.Spinning and garments processing

2.Construction and installation

3.Industrial processing

4.Tourism service